Traditional Roti (Chapatti)

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Roti, often called chapati, is an Indian unleavened bread which is cooked on a hot Tava (a traditional flat griddle). A large frying pan makes an adequate substitute.

Made from whole wheat, Roti has a long tradition and is used to make meals easier to eat with the hands, by simply tearing and forming into a scoop to pick up the food. It is usually eaten hot, or within a few minutes of cooking.

How to cook

Microwave - From Chilled/Ambient

For best results, wrap three Nishaan Rotis in a cloth kitchen towel and microwave on full power for 30 seconds.
Heat on a Tava - From Chilled/Ambient

Heat pan to accommodate the Roti - heat each side for 20 seconds. For best results, leave preparation of Roti until your meal is ready to be served. They can be kept warm by wrapping in a cloth kitchen towel.
Storage Information

  • Once opened consume within 24 hours. Suitable for home freezing. If freezing, freeze on day of purchase and consume within one month. Defrost and use within 24 hours. Once thawed do not refreeze.
  • Suitable for home freezing

Also available in Chakki and Methi Varieties.

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