Crushed Chilli

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The universal spice of India. Chilli is nature's wonder with it's fruits appearing in different sizes, shapes and colours. The fruit size of some varieties is more than a hundred times that of others. Chilli has two important commercial qualities. Some varieties are famous for their red colour because of the pigment capsanthin, others are known for biting pungency attributed to capsicum. India is the only country rich in many varieties with different quality factors. Chilli is an essential ingredient of Indian food. Tempting colour and titillating pungency, both are contributed by chilli.

How to cook Crushed Chilli

Crushed chillies offer an alternative to using whole chillies in Indian cooking. In this form they are great for adding on top of any dish which you require an extra kick to whether it be pasta, stir fries, curries, salads, sauces or marinades.

Allergen Information

- Suitable for Vegetarians

Storage Information

- Store in cool dry place

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