Whole Cloves

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A very old and important Indian spice, the clove was known before the time of the early Egyptians. It is grown in Tropical regions of the world. Cloves have an assertive, dark aroma that is warm and rich. Tasted on its own, a clove is bitingly sharp, hot and bitter and it leaves a lasting numb sensation in the mouth. The oil of cloves is used in dentistry to soothe toothache, and its antiseptic properties are well known.

How to cook East End Whole Cloves

Cloves contain a strong flavour and aroma which should be used sparingly in order to not over power the dish. Cloves are used in both western and Indian dishes, both savoury and sweet e.g. Pulaos, cooked ham, sauces, gravies and meat dishes. Its effect is tempered by cooking and other ingredients.


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