Cumin (Jeera) Powder

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An intensely strong flavour and grows abundantly in mild, equable climatic conditions where rich, well drained sandy loamy soil is available. Cumin's distinctive warm flavour is unique and makes a valuable contribution to many savoury dishes.

How to use Cumin (Jeera) Powder

The powdered spice is simply added to cooking, it is a vital flavouring Indian food with the majority of dishes containing the spice. When using cumin you should use it in moderation as it has a powerful flavour which can over power a dish. The cumin is an important ingredient of commercial Indian curry powder. It can be used to flavour soups, curries, Tex Mex dishes such as chilli con carne and BBQ cooking. Indian cumin finds worldwide use in foods, beverages, liquors medicines, toiletries, and perfumery.

Allergen Information

  • Suitable for vegetarians

Storage Information

  • Store in cool dry place and air tight container


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