Ground White Pepper

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White pepper comes from the same berries as black pepper; the berries are plucked when they are fully ripe creating white pepper. Once picked they are then soaked and peeled to expose the inner white corns, which are then dried. The pepper does possess a slightly milder taste to that of black pepper.

How to use white pepper?

When cooking with white pepper it should be added towards the end of cooking as if the spice is cooked for too long you will lose its flavour and aroma or simply used with salt to season a dish. White pepper is mostly used in light sauces, soups, meat and poultry marinades or where the colour of black pepper is not required. In Indian cooking white pepper is used when created cream based curries or thick sauces but can be added to any which requires its taste.

Allergen Information

- Suitable for Vegetarians

Storage Information

- Store in cool dry place and air tight container.

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