All Purpose Seasoning

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This is a subtle blend of herbs and spices designed to create an all-purpose seasoning suitable for poultry, dark meat, fish and vegetables. All purpose seasoning does exactly what its name says it does; it is a seasoning for all purposes. The blend of popular spices can add great flavour to almost any dish. Simply sprinkle it into your cooking.

•Flavour Enhancer E621 (Monosodium Glutamate)
•Mustard Powder
•Chilli Powder
•Garlic Powder
•Natural Colour: Paprika E160c, Caramel E150c
•Onion Powder

Allergen Information
•Suitable for Vegetarians
•May contain a trace of nuts
•Contains mustard
•Contains celery

Storage Information
•Store in cool dry place and air tight container.

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