Our Vision

We are leading suppliers of Asian food in the UK and European market for nearly four decades.

The evolution of our business is based on satisfying needs of the consumer with a superior quality product. Our success is attributed to the philosophy of the founders - Wouhra Brothers, who believe in innovation, honesty and team work. Our focus on the changing needs of our customers has led to achieving phenomenal growth by delivering beyond the expectations.

Its our endeavor to increase the consumer base for Asian foods in the European market by strengthening our existing distribution network and sourcing our raw materials from globally reputed and trusted suppliers who we consider our partners for growth.

We are committed to ethical business practices and complying with the strict laws and regulations that govern food production. We strongly adhere to health and safety standards for the industry we operate in and continually improve our business services to deliver food products with highest level of safety.



Human Capital

Our employees are an asset to us. We shall continually train them to achieve desired levels of business performance. 

Strategic Investments

We consider investments into plant facility a major driver to increase efficiency and production capacity to stay ahead of the competition.

Setting Challenges

We conduct periodic reviews of our performance to set new organisational goals and ascertain our path towards successful completion of those goals

Caring for Environment

We feel our commitment to Mother Nature and educate our farmers on minimal utilisation of recommended pesticides from the sowing of seeds to the harvesting phase.