Our Values


East End Foods believes that as a part of their CSR policy that they should reduce their carbon foot print. They have recently installed 612 solar photovoltaic array panels on the roof of their new Aston Cross depot, which will help them to generate 150KW of electricity, reducing an estimated 63 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Any excess electricity generated is fed back into UK’s National Grid.

Similarly, the company also completed the largest photo-voltaic film installation in Europe covering 110,000 sq ft of its manufacturing facility’s roof in West Bromwich. This generates an average of 45% of the site’s electricity requirement.

Due to continuous efforts of Mr Tony Deep Wouhra - Chairman of East End Foods in the field of Research & Development working with the farmers for the past two decades, the farmers have been able to produce both chillies and paprika which are virtually ‘aflatoxin’ (mould) and ‘pesticide residue’ free. Moreover, they have been able to adopt new methods of farming ultimately improving the quality and productivity of their crops.

As part of their CSR programme, East End Foods have worked in partnership with key national organisations such as the NHS Trust, British Heart Foundation, and the FSA.

East End Foods also co-founded the Healthy Hearts Institute in collaboration with Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals. The charity provides a free screening service in Sandwell, specifically targeting communities in order to diagnose and advice on disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure & cardiovascular disease.


In the future, East End Foods is also planning to build Urban Food Farming Technology centre at their Aston Cash-n-Carry site in order to educate and make people aware of how food is grown.